Deed Box

September 29, 2016

This commission was to celebrate the arrival of a Granddaughter, within which, memories of her life can be stored. All reclaimed timber with the sides being made from 1″ thick slices of old mill roof timbers. The panel with Hesters’ name on is an old wooden door push plate.

Wall Clock

September 29, 2016

This wall clock is 45cm diameter as is made from reclaimed wall cladding and floor boards which have been over painted many times. A bit of careful sanding reveals the wonderful layers underneath. The numerals are indicated with a variety of wooden printing blocks, found metal salvage, clips, springs, bolts...


September 29, 2016

I’ ve started to refurbish rooms for clients( from plumbing to plastering; painting to polishing!), and in one particular bathroom, made these wall cabinets. The white cubes were a standard off-the-shelf box and I made the doors and back plates. Very effective!

Glastonbury Festival Log

August 1, 2016

OK, this is not strictly work by me, but was one of those nice, unexpected surprises. At my stall at Glastonbury Festival, 2016, I brought a big slice from a conifer tree which I had cut down in my garden to use as a chair for those essential relaxing...