Glastonbury Festival Log

OK, this is not strictly work by me, but was one of those nice, unexpected surprises.

At my stall at Glastonbury Festival, 2016, I brought a big slice from a conifer tree which I had cut down in my garden to use as a chair for those essential relaxing moments.

A young lad, Barnaby, came over and wanted to write his name in the log. I suggested he use my letter punches: this he did and I thought ‘ah!’-light bulb moment.

I left the punches out with a hammer, a suitable sign, and by the end we filled the log with names of customers, passers by and the curious.

Back home, a 2″ slice was taken, a coat of wax and its now pride of place in the lounge. Approx 55cm diameter.




Date & Time

August 1, 2016